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Hi, my name is Mark Greenwood. I am originally from the North of England, but now live in Sydney, Australia with my American wife, Trisha, and 2 children – Jack and Emma-Rose. When you see this, hopefully I am still in my 40s, although as I write this my 50th birthday seems to be fast approaching (2015)!!

I was pretty good at school and, before I noticed, I was studying Medicine at Oxford University. I hated it! I enjoyed the science, but not the sick people! I had always had an interest in business and finance, so after my degree I became an Accountant!

I progressed through the ranks of the large accounting firms, moved to Australia and then spent 8 years in commerce as a Chief Financial Officer. On the outside, everything seemed to be going to plan .. a successful career, a beautiful wife and children, money, wining and dining – all the trappings of corporate life.

However, something was wrong… seriously wrong. I was finding it harder and harder to drag myself out of bed and face my working day. I began to hate my work and even tried a couple of job changes to see if this would lift my mood and bring back my drive. But it didn’t work.

At 43 years of age, I broke down and fell into a deep, long depression.

After much therapy (which I am still benefiting from), I finally realized what had happened to me. I was living somebody else’s life. I had spent years living the life I thought I should lead, to please other people and fit other people’s ambitions for me. The constant internal conflict and emotional roller coaster I suffered in the process had worn me out and finally brought me to my knees.

Those were dark days indeed. However, the key learning from this for me as I emerged from the other side, was to live in my integrity, true to my values. My top values are around love, family and compassion, not financial goals, yet I had been chasing the dollar so hard for so long I had hardly seen my children’s early formative years.

Now I am trying to live each day true to myself. I work from home, spend plenty of time with my wife and children, go to all their school activities and give gratitude for each day. It is not always easy – each day I still have to hold in check the ambitious super-ego, who wants the glory of success for successes sake.

I have also had plenty of disasters in trying to find my true passion and to turn it into a viable business. I have lost lots of money and wasted thousands of hours chasing too many business opportunities that I thought were my pot of gold.

Now my path is clearer, the tension gone and my life is under my control. I am on my way to finding my inner peace. I would like to help you find yours.

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